27 November 2017

MEUW 2017

MEU Warsaw 2017 is already a history!

This summer we had an amazing opportunity to host 60 young Europeans who played a role of Members of the European Parliament, Ministers of the Council and Interpreters. Workshop day and 3 days of heated debates about current European topics (Combating terrorism and Gender Balance) showed our participants the complexity of the European process of policy-making but also the value of the compromise between all of the players in the EU.

This year edition, during workshop day we organised two debates about topics of the simulation. Prof. Ewa Lisowska (President, Międzynarodowe Forum Kobiet – Stowarzyszenie Kobiet Nauki i Biznesu MFK, Dr. hab., SGH Warsaw School of Economics) and Kinga Bloch (HR Director, Cushman & Wakefield) discussed during the workshop on “Gender Balance Among Non-Executive Directors”. As for the workshop on “Combating Terrorism” we invited Amb. Piotr Łukasiewicz (Polish Ambassador to Afganistan (2012-2014), Adviser, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland, Expert, Fundacja im. Kazimierza Pułaskiego) and Dr. Michał Kuź (Expert, Klub Jagielloński – Warszawa, Dr., Uczelnia Łazarskiego).

During Opening Ceremony we were honored by a presence of Members of the European Parliament: Róża Thun (Polish MEP, EPP), Janusz Lewandowski (former Commissioner, Polish MEP, EPP) and Hannes Swoboda (Austrian MEP, S&D).

During Closing Ceremony our guests, Marek Prawda (Head of The European Commission Representation in Poland), Richard Washington (College of Europe Natolin), Wojciech Dzięgiel (Casimir Pulaski Foundation) and Aleksander Arabadźić (Akademia Kadr Europejskich, SGH) shared with participants possibilities about opportunities of educational and professional development in EU.

4th edition of Model European Union Warsaw was organised under High Patronage of the European Parliament, under Patronage of the European Commission Representation in Poland, the Patronage of Casimir Pulaski Foundation, under the Patronage of Kongres Kobiet and co-organised by the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung and Bringing Europeans Together Association (BETA) eV.

Thank you for everybody which helped us organize this 4th edition of Model European Union Warsaw and hope to see you next year!